SJolie Body Renew Moisturizer – Daily Skin Care – 16oz

The Renew Body Moisturizer is the perfect addition to anyone’s daily skincare regimen, and especially beneficial while caring for a spray tan. This daily hydrator combines anti-aging benefits with intense hydration to improve the skin’s moisture levels and is safe for any sunless tan.

Bronze Fusion Gel – Full Body Self Tanner – 4oz

A lightweight and soothing self-tanning liquid gel with bronze burst microspheres for effortless instant and lasting color. The color correcting bronzing spheres burst, giving the skin a healthy glow that blends perfectly with your natural or sunless color while the cooling gel gives you color that will progressively develop and last for days.

Instant Airbrush – Full Body Self Tanner – 6.5oz

The Instant Airbrush Self-Tanner utilizes our rich DHA and premium color-correcting cosmetic bronzers to craft an ideal self-tanner, perfect for anyone looking to achieve a streak-free on-the-go glow.

Tan Extend Lotion – Tan Enhancer – 8oz

A hydrating daily moisturizer which gives added life and vibrancy to any tan. Suited for all skin types, this Tan Extend lotion contains a hint of tanning ingredients (DHA) that will help build and keep your just off the beach tan.

Body Wash – Daily Skin Care – 8oz

A specially designed body cleanser packed with moisturizing agents that leave skin clean, hydrated and healthy to prolong a natural sunless glow. This wash will not strip the skin of its natural components and will prolong the developed color from DHA. Suited for all skin types.

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